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What is the New World Order
and Who Wants it ?

 By Mohammed Alomari

Although former President George Bush used the
phrase quite extensively, it is not a new one.

The New World Order is a phrase that has been used over
hundreds of years by certain secret societies to refer to
their aim of establishing a totalitarian world government
dictatorship over the globe.

Look at the back of the American One Dollar bill
and you will see the phrase the New World Order
in Latin "Novus Ordo Seclorum."  The Latin words
"Novus Ordo Seclorum" mean essentially
"New Secularist Order" or "New Worldly Order,"
hence, the phrase the New World Order.

The words "Annuit Coeptis" roughly translates as
"Approved Conspiracy."  The Latin word "annuit"
actually means "nodded in favor of." The Latin word
"coeptis" actually means "commenced the planned work"
or "began the conspired undertakings."  The two words
together give the meaning the "planned work that has
begun is nodded to in approval" or the "conspired
endeavor which just began has been favored,"
hence the phrase the "Approved Conspiracy."


Thereby the slogan "Annuit Coeptis,
Novus Ordo Seclorum" is in fact a
declaration that the "Approved Conspiracy
is the New World Order."

Yet questions remain: who has approved
this conspiracy or undertaking?

In addition, what does the pyramid
represent and eye above it mean?

We need to first study the groups that strive
or conspire to acheive this New World Order,
to fully grasp these symbols and their meanings.

These New World Order groups operate in
secrecy, because their true beliefs would frighten
the ordinary person.  If their secret religion is
exposed, the majority of people who believe in
God and value freedom would reject them.

 The secret religion of these secret societies
is the worship of Satan.  Satan is referred to by
many names, like the devil, Lucifer, Ibleess,
the god of fire, the god of light, and so forth.

In Islam, Satan rejected God's commandments
and was thrown out of paradise. Satan is also
the enemy of Man.  Prior to having the title of
Satan, he had the name of Ibleess.  God created
Ibleess from fire, as a being called a jinn.  God
allowed him to worship along with the Angels.

When God commanded Ibleess to bow down to
Adam, Ibleess in all his arrogance refused to bow
down to Adam, claiming superiority because Adam
was created from clay while he (Ibleess) was
created from fire.   His arrogance and rebellion
against God Almighty earned him the title of
"Shaytan Rajeem" or the "Thrown-out Satan"
or the "Thrown-out Insubordinate."

Satan then vowed to deceive as much of Mankind
as he possibly can to in order that they also rebel
against God.  Satan's first target was Adam and Eve.

In Christianity, it is much the same story. The Bible
refers to the Satan as the enemy of God and Man
for his rebellion against God.

These secret groups who worship Satan do not
like to use the title of Satan because it was a
defamatory title given to him by God, meaning
the "rebel" or "insubordinate" or "adversary."
They instead like to use the name of Lucifer
or the "Light Bearer."

Their Luciferian doctrine claims that Satan
(or Lucifer as they call him) was unjustly treated
by God, and that Lucifer was only trying to show
Adam and Mankind that they could become
gods themselves.

The Luciferians worship Satan secretly within their
lodges and temples but advocate Humanism to the
common man in order to destroy the belief
in the One God, the Almighty Creator.

They support movements calling for Humanism,
Atheism, Materialism, Communism, and the
like in order to destroy the belief in God, hence
the "secularist" or "worldly" order.

One of the most holy of their books is the
Hebrew book, the Qabala.  The Qabala is
an ancient text written using obscure wording
and hidden symbols.

The essence of the Qabala, behind its esoteric mysticism,
is the religion of Satanism and Demonology.

The Qabala contains a detailed list and hierarchy
of demons and devils with their names and

The Qabala also contains sexual stories of these
demons and a race of beings as offspring of
humans and devils (half human and half demon).

The Qabala is considered a holy book by many
secret societies, such as the Knights Templars,
Freemasonry, and many others.

Some scholars call these Luciferian groups
as collectively the "Illuminati" meaning
the "illuminated" after Lucifer's name.
Others call them Masons and Masonic-like.

I prefer to call them the Qabalists
after their holy book.

Whatever name is used, the fact of the matter
is that they constantly change their names
over the years to deceive the majority of
people who know nothing about them.
The list of their names is practically endless.

The most prominent of the groups are the
Freemasons or Masons and their various
off-shoots  (Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shriners,
Eastern Star, etc.), the Knights Templars and
their various off-shoots (the DeMolays,
Skull and Bones, Knight of Jerusalem,
Knights of St. John, etc.), and various many
other orders, lodges, and temples.

Their ultimate aim is to establish a Luciferian
dictatorship over the world and enslave all
outside their lodges and temples.

They have also established political organizations
as fronts to achieve their aim of world conquest.
Some of these organizations include the Bilderberger
Group, the Council on Foreign Relations,
Trilateral Commission, and many others.

That's all for now.  Check back for more updates.

As always, God knows best.

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© 1999-2000 All Rights Reserved by Mohammed Alomari

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