(Ephesians 6:12)

The enemy is attacking!!!! So many of the emails I receive
every day are from good Christian people who are looking for
God to help them, and wondering why they are going thru the
difficulties they are. Unfortunately there is not always an
explanation. I try to encourage and challenge you each day to
do your part, because in all honesty, we cause a lot of the
problems in our lives ourselves by not following God's plan
and ignoring the warnings He has clearly laid out in His Word.
But for those living a holy and Godly life, who are still
experiencing major battles, you have to understand that there
is an enemy, Satan, who is very real and very actively trying
to disrupt the work of God. The Bible clearly tells us that
our battle isn't against flesh and blood, but that it is a
spiritual battle. Over the next 3 days, I am going to try to
help you fight these battles. The most important thing you have
to understand, no matter how intense the attacks may be on you
right now....you have already won if you know Jesus as your
personal Savior.

The most important battle is the one for your soul. Knowing
Jesus insures you have won that battle, and that knowledge
alone, should give you the confidence to wage the battles of
this life knowing that in the end, YOU WIN!!!!! The lesson for
today is that as a person who has put their faith and trust in
Christ, no matter what you may be facing, in the end..YOU WIN!!!!!

The reason for these next 3 daily devotional on Spiritual
Warfare comes out of the incredible attacks this ministry,
Liveprayer.com is under today. God told me when He gave me the
vision for this Internet ministry that it was going to be a major
battle since the Internet has basically been Satan's domain and
to a large extent still is. For whatever the benefits of the
Internet have been, they are far outweighed currently by the
ungodly content that dominates this world. You would be amazed
at the numbers of lives destroyed over the last 5 years by the
Internet. Men and women in total bondage to Internet porn,
gambling....marriages destroyed by online romances that became
real...people lured by the greed of online trading and losing
everything they had in this world...every kind of evil and
destructive thing has found a place of prominence here on the
Internet. I had no illusions that this would be easy work as
we try to take back the internet for the Kingdom of God.

Many of you on our daily devotional list that we send free of
charge to over 300,000 people worldwide either signed up on our
website or were added by a friend or family member from our site.
The night before Halloween, someone trying to sabotage our site
and mailing list, added app. 100 people who were known witches,
warlocks, anti-Christians, and anti-spam advocates to start
receiving our daily devotional message. Needless to say these
people were incensed when they started to receive the devotional.
Rather than just following the simple delete message at the
beginning, they began (especially the anti-spam advocates) a very
concise and calculated campaign to eliminate Liveprayer.com from
the Internet. Unknown to us, there is a group called MAPS in San
Francisco that has appointed themselves the policeman of the
Internet and since there mission is to rid the Internet of SPAM,
have been able to strong-arm all of the major ISPs in the country
to utilizing their self proclaimed list of SPAM sites. For what-
ever reason, these major ISP's then shut off the mail coming from
an ISP this organization tells them are SPAMMING. There is no due
process, no procedure, MAPS is judge and jury and sole decision
maker without ever contacting the parties involved. On Thursday
at 11:30 EST, Liveprayer was shut off by our ISP because they had
been blacklisted by this MAPS organization. From our ISP's
perspective, they have a multimillion dollar a month business,
thousands of customers they have to protect and their explanation
was rather than fight with MAPS, they just follow their lead to
avoid having their ISP listed and cut off from receiving mail
from other major ISPs who subscribe to MAPS list. The bottom line
yesterday was we had to pay a $5,000 deposit to our ISP to turn
the site back on (we were down about 2 hours) as a deposit against
any possible SPAM problems in the future. Our chatroom is invaded
periodically by ungodly people trying to disrupt the spiritual
flow there. Attempts to hack into our site happen all the time,
much of the time trying to disrupt our live video feed and lock
our site up so people can't send prayer requests.

I tell you this to let you know something I learned a long time
ago in ministry. If you are not doing anything that is a threat
to satan, he won't bother you. If you live for a while and aren't
being attacked, you probably aren't doing anything that satan
sees as a threat. Rejoice in the attacks because it is
confirmation you are being effective!!! 300,000 people worldwide
get our daily devotional each day, over 10,000 people visit the
website, many in their hour of need looking for God to help them
and our live pastor is able to pray with them and give them hope
on the spot. I have already won the biggest battle, the battle
for my soul thanks to the faith I have in Christ Jesus. I have
nothing to lose so I am not slowing down but am fighting harder
every day to kick the devil's butt. In your life, don't get down
when you are attacked. Be encouraged and fight even harder!!!

Because of the problems yesterday, our devotional didn't get out
until late at night. That important devotional talked about our
need of 700 people to give an immediate one-time gift of $100 to
help us cover the shortfall we have incurred from ministering to
4 times the number of people we had planned on the first 60 days.
In the first 4 hours, 42 people have already responded to this
need. Praise God!! There are 2 things I am asking you to do for me
today. First is prayer. Pray for this ministry and the attacks we
are under. Get your church, your bible study, your prayer groups,
post the need on the net, we need the prayers of God's people
worldwide as we face this onslaught from satan who is trying to
destroy this work. Second, pray hard and see if you are one of
the 700 God has called to stand with me during this now most
critical time. You can either make that gift by credit card on
our secure server at our website, www.liveprayer.com or by check
or money order at:

6660 46th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33709

As a special thank you, I will be sending everyone who can send in
a gift of $100 or more, prophecy teacher Perry Stone's powerful 2
hour teaching video Countdown to 2000 plus a special cassette
message on the Y2K problem.

Never forget that "greater is He that is in me, than he that is in
the world." God is still on the throne, still in control.
Liveprayer.com is going to keep ministering to hundreds of
thousands worldwide daily, we are going to keep growing, we are not
going to stop until we have such a presence on the Internet that
every adult site, every gambling site, every site that is putting
peoples lives in bondage have shut down because no one wants to go
there anymore. Impossible! Nothing is impossible with God!

I am praying for you, and care about you deeply. I can't do this
alone, nor did God tell me to. You are just as much part of what
we are doing in the lives of people as I am. Together, we can see
lives touched, souls saved, miracles occur, and the Kingdom of God
shining brightly in this sin-filled world we live in. Thanks you
for your love, prayers, gifts and may His richest blessings be with
you today as we work together for His Glory!!!

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller.

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal
email at

Also, I am on the "LIVE" broadcast every Sunday from 9pm - midnight EST.

P.S. My personal testimony is now on our website under FOUNDER'S