MAPS Relay Spam Stopper is currently on the RSS list.

Why is this site listed? This site is on our list because it is an open relay that has transmitted spam to our users. For more information about that listing, including a spam sample and relay test, click here.

Sorry, we cannot accept a request to remove from our list at this time. Why? Because you're blocking us from testing your server.

How do we fix this problem? Here's what you need to do.

STOP BLOCKING US. When this happens, it's because you configured your server to give a special answer to our tester. Then, when we tested your server from some other network, we found that it gave our server a different response. This means you implemented some fix or feature control that only applies to or This is useless to control spam, and does nothing to fix the spam relay problem. It also makes the problem worse because we probably can't reply to you, because the block also refuses our mail to you.

After you've stopped blocking us, AND have fixed the server to stop relaying, email us at If your mail was refused due to the RSS listing, then find and use another email address to contact us. When you contact us, you need to tell us why you were blocking us, that you've stopped blocking us, and that you have actually fixed the server to stop relaying spam. You also need to include your name, the IP address of your server, and a valid email address that we can reach you at. If you are unable to do this, then you can fax us this information on signed company letterhead to +1.650.779.7055.

If you are not going to do these steps then don't bother contacting us. It's useless to send mail to us arguing about whether or not you've blocked us. It's already been made clear to us that you've done so, and we've blocked further access to the remove request form because of this action.

What we've outlined here is the only quick resolution to this issue.