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SUBJECT: Business sense:  Plastic=MORE SALES
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99% approval rate!

for your business?

Are you paying CRAZY "merchant fees"??

Are you GAINING business by not processing credit cards & checks
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Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Novus and
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Interested yet?

        ***United States/Canada  residents ONLY***

To talk to a FRIENDLY sales rep who will answer ALL of your questions, please FILL OUT the FORM below.

*We CANNOT reply without YOUR PHONE NUMBER!* (No obligation!)

-FAX #
-WEBSITE ADDRESS (If you have one already!)

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Subject: save!!!!! on new, obsolete and reconditioned electrical equipment!!
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 06:28:59
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Northern Breakers

 Ph: 1-800-830-4887  Fx: 1-877-932-3885

North America's largest inventory of
new, obsolete and reconditioned
electrical equipment
Commercial - Industrial - Residential

  • Save up to 60% off distributor cost

  • We can provide same day shipments
    across North America!

  • Guaranteed lowest prices!

  • All equipment guaranteed 1 year

Over 20,000 in stock molded case residential, commercial, air circuit breakers and replacement parts

- Allis Chalmers
- Bryant
- Challenger
- Commander
- Crouse Hinds
- Cutler Hammer
- Federal Pacific
- Federal Pioneer
- Frank Adams
- Fuji
- General Electric
- Heinemann
- Klockner Moeller
- Merlin Gerin
- Murray
- Sace
- Siemens
- Siemens Allis
- Square D
- Sylvania 
- Taylor
- Thomas & Betts
- Trumbell
- Wadsworth
- Westinghouse
- Zinsco
- Bus Duct & Switches
- Panel Mount Switches
- Motors & Motor Controls

- Switchgear
- Generators
- Fuses
- Transformer
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Subject: Draw Poker...and much more!
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 01:25:57
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Exciting Real Casino Action!

We have all kinds of giveaways, and free cash awards..
Also, TEN PERCENT FREE CASH for new members


All the action that you expect at any major casino ... in the comfort of your own home!

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From: Dave 
To: "customer" 
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 20:18:57 -0500
Subject: I could go to JAIL for selling this!
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Dear fellow auction user,

I listed this CD on eBay a few months ago and here's=20
what happened.  I got an email from Safeharbor saying=20
that all my auctions had been cancelled and that the CD=20
was permanently "banned" from being sold on eBay.  From=20
then on, I called it the "Banned CD"!

So why did eBay ban it?  Maybe they figured you shouldn't=20
have access to this type of information, or maybe they=20
didn't think we could cram all of these programs onto=20
one CD Rom.  I'll let you decide.

This CD will teach you things that eBay, Uncle Sam, and=20
others just don't want you to know.  I am not responsible=20
for how you use some of this information and it is=20
provided for educational purposes only.  Here are just a=20
few of the things you will learn ...

*** Find confidential info on anyone in 30 minutes or=20
less on the Internet. =20

    You'll be able to track down your old flame, find=20
    out how much money your ex is hiding in their bank=20
    account, or run a background check on proespective=20
    client or employee.  Even government agencies have=20
    trouble obtaining much of this information.  You=20
    will have all the resources of any professional=20
    investigator right at your fingertips - on your=20
    home computer!

*** List of companies who will issue you a college=20
    degree (including a Phd.) for a fee.  No study=20

*** Learn how to get FREE cable and DSS channels,=20
    including the adult stations and Pay-Per-View!
*** List of suppliers of "questionable" items, such as=20
    fcc banned communications devices, scanners, night=20
    vision goggles, passports, fake identification, and=20
    everything else that you won't find in the back of=20
    Soldier of Fortune magazine!

*** Find products to resell on the Internet with our=20
    Wholesale Directory containing over 1 million=20
    (that's right, one million!) wholesale sources for=20
    computers, electronics, beanies, trend items,=20
    jewelry, cars, collectibles, and everything else! =20

*** Over 25 million email addresses, fresh and targeted!
    You can use these to contact the people and send=20
    them your advertisements.

*** Find out how to get a completely new identity. =20
    Disappear without a trace!

*** Find out how to ERASE bad credit and even create a=20
    whole new file in the credit bureau computers.

*** Learn how to beat the IRS. Tax tips for the rest of

*** Complete guide on how to claim public land offered=20
    by the Government. You can find your dream home for
    a ridiculously low price or buy properties to resell
    for a huge profit!=20

*** Accept checks from your customers by fax, phone and
    email with the full working version of Checker=20
    Software included!

*** Business software to help you run your small business,=20
    including label maker software, money management software,=20
    IRS forgiveness program, database software, and much more.

*** A huge collection of screensavers, graphics, clipart,=20
    and desktop themes to spice up your computer.

*** MUCH, MUCH MORE that we don't have room to list!

Ask yourself this question: where else will you find such
a HUGE collection of information and software on one CD?=20
And who else would dare sell you a CD containing so much=20
"contraband" info?  It was banned on eBay, has been=20
prohibited in THIRTY THREE countries, and will soon be=20
unavailable in the USA. If you wait more than a few days
to order this CD, I can't guarantee I will be able to=20
sell it.  Get this CD *** NOW *** before it is banned forever!

To order the "Banned CD" right now for the=20
super low price of only $19.99, Click on the link below
to pay with a Visa or Mastercard. This will take you to
our secure server for order processing:=20

If our main website is unavailable, please use our mirror=20
site instead by clicking below:

Or you may send cash, check or money order by filling out
the order form below.

------------------------- CUT HERE -----------------------

"Banned CD"
Price: $19.99 + $4.01 Shipping

HOW TO ORDER BY MAIL: Print out this order form and
send cash, personal check, money order or cashier's
check to the address listed below:

Quiksilver Enterprises Inc.
3792 Broadway #398
New York, NY 10032

Your Shipping Information:

Your Name_____________________________________________

Your Address__________________________________________

Your City_____________________________________________

State / Zip___________________________________________

Phone #: _____________________________________________
(For problems with your order only. No salesmen will call.)

Email Address_________________________________________

NOTE: Shipping is delayed by up to ten days on all mail-in=20

[ ] YES! Please rush order my "Banned CD"!!

* Please check one of the following payment options:

[ ] I am mailing my credit card number. (Note your=20
card will be charged for $24.00)

[ ] I am enclosing a check or money order for $24.00

If paying by credit card, please fill in the information=20

Credit Card Number:________________________________

Expiration Date:___________________________



NOTE: This CD is for informational, educational, or=20
entertainment purposes only.  Some of the activities
described on this CD may be illegal if carried out.
This CD contains links and addresses of companies
and individuals which produce various products, or
offer various services, which may be illegal in your
country, state, or city.  However, it is perfectly=20
LEGAL to purchase and possess the Banned CD in the=20
United States of America.  Contains approximately=20
100 megs of information.

Shipping outside USA add $10.00

You are recieving an unsolicited commercial email from
Quiksilver Enterprises Inc.  We recognize that you may
not wish to recieve such emails in the future, and we
have provided a link to automatically and instantly
remove yourself:
This message is being sent to you in compliance with
federal guidelines governing the transmission of
unsolicited commercial email, including the provision of
contact information for our company within this email, a
valid return email address, and a way for customers
to remove themselves.  Please note, however, that our
email address was valid at the time of sending, but may
be cancelled by the ISP shortly thereafter due to our
use of unsolicited email.  You can read about the various
laws governing unsolicited email:
"Unsolicited commercial electronic mail can be an important=20
mechanism through which businesses advertise and attract=20
customers in the online environment."  -- U.S. Congress,=20
H.R. 106th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 3113 Sec. 2 (a)3 July=20
19, 2000