Paul Vixie

Mr. Paul Vixie serves as the Chief Executive Officer at M.I.B.H., LLC and is a preeminent protocol designer and Internet opinion leader. An outspoken advocate for responsible Internet citizenship, Mr. Vixie is a crusader against spam and the abuse of online communications. His visible and vocal presence in testifying to Federal and state regulatory agencies and advisory role in policy development is helping to shape the future of the Internet. As a member of the Board of Directors of, Mr. Vixie provides a highly valued perspective on the issues of online communications and responsible use of email by the general community. Recognized as an early Internet software scientist and the principal developer of the modern Internet's BIND, Mr. Vixie's work began in 1980 and forms the basis for the Internet's Domain Name System. His twenty+ year career accomplishments, and personal and professional investment in protecting the Internet community, serves's mission of providing opt-in certified email programs as a tool to eliminating spam. Beyond his contributions to the Internet as a software architect, Mr. Vixie is a defender of individual user rights to privacy, proponent of responsible user citizenship and enforcer of responsible and ethical business practice relevant to online commerce and communications. He is a member of many Internet engineering and standards bodies, and is cofounder and chairman of Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS), LLC. Highly service oriented, Mr. Vixie has led the Internet Software Consortium (ISC) since 1994, which in addition to BIND has contributed Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and InterNet News (INN) to the online community. These two innovations have surpassed all other implementations of these functions during the recent explosive growth of the Internet. Also an accomplished speaker and author, Mr. Vixie co-wrote "Sendmail: Theory and Practice" (Digital Press, 1993), largely considered to be the textbook standard and primary reference for earlier version of that application. An active participant in IETF, NANOG and USENIX, Mr. Vixie is often a featured presenter at conferences and meetings, including NANOG, ISPF, LISA, USENIX, and others.



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